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A tillage roller is a piece of equipment commonly used in riding clubs and by those dealing with riding ground, as well as on farms. It is used for ground and field work and comes in several different varieties – we take a look at the string variant. What is it actually? What uses does it have? When and how do you use it?

The string roller – what is it?

String-shafts, sometimes referred to as rod-shafts, consist of steel circles on which serrated flat bars reaching a thickness of min. 1 cm. In terms of shape, the construction may evoke associations with a reel. This form makes the element ideal for increasing the density of the top layer of the substrate, without penetrating deeply into its structure. With the help of the string roller, it is possible to efficiently level the surface, break up soil clods, improve loosening or mix the soil.

The specific design of these components enables them to be used effectively even in demanding conditions. String rollers are successfully used on difficult ground such as clay, sandy or stony ground. They are ideal for crumbling, aerating and improving the moisture content of topsoil without deep digging. String rollers are used to remove soil clods and improve the soil for, among other things, equestrian use. This is because their appropriate use allows for increased stability of the equestrian ground, which has a positive effect on riding safety. High-quality equipment can be purchased in our shop – we offer, among others, the Diego 2400 mm string roller.

Purpose of the string roller

The string roller is useful for soil compaction. Its use can result in better absorption and longer retention of moisture by the subsoil. We also recommend it for its working efficiency – because of the effectiveness of this tool, only a small number of passes with the machine are needed to achieve the desired results. This is important because it avoids over-spreading the surface, which can have a negative impact on its properties.

What should I consider when buying a string roller? Fitting to a specific piece of equipment is key – make sure the product is suited to the vehicle or machine in terms of performance. Equally important are the dimensions – the model you choose should suit the size of the space and equipment it is designed for. Our range includes, among others, the high quality Diego 1600 mm string roller.

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