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Horse riding is not only a pleasure, but also a skill that can be passed on to others. If you are passionate about horses and dream of sharing your knowledge and experience, the profession of riding instructor may be just for you. In this article you will find out what the job entails, the requirements and the necessary aptitudes.

What does a riding instructor do?

A riding instructor is a person who teaches other people the art of horse riding. His or her main objective is to pass on knowledge and skills related to horse riding to both beginners and advanced riders. An instructor can work either in equestrian centres, riding clubs or as a freelancer, giving private lessons.

Requirements and suitability as an instructor

The job of horse riding instructor is not for everyone. In order to be successful in this field, you need to meet certain requirements and have the right aptitude.

Riding experience

To become an instructor, you need to have solid riding experience. This means that you should be an advanced rider yourself and be very familiar with horse riding techniques.


Many countries have equestrian organisations that offer instructor certificates. Having such a certificate may be required or very welcome by employers and students.


Working with students of different abilities and temperaments requires a great deal of patience. The instructor must be able to adapt their approach to the individual needs of each student.


A good instructor must be an effective communicator. The ability to impart knowledge and explain instructions is crucial.

Understanding of equine psychology

In addition, the instructor must understand the horses’ behaviour and needs. This will enable him or her to work better with them and provide a good environment for the animals.

General knowledge

Additionally, a riding instructor should have knowledge of horse health, horse care, horse nutrition and general equestrian issues.

The process of becoming an instructor

A riding instructor is a person who enjoys sharing their passion and skills with others. If you are ready for a job that allows you to combine your love of horses with teaching others, then a career as a riding instructor could be your dream come true. With the right commitment and work on yourself, you can achieve success in this field.

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