If your horse:

  • suffers from ridge pain and excessive muscle tension
  • was injured
  • has limb edema
  • has problems with colic
  • is tired/reluctant to work
  • needs a long expansion before training

Prevent, not cure Use of Wellness and Spa line products

Preventing injuries

Strengthening of tendons, joints, ligaments. It is the ideal pre-workout equipment to prepare the muscular system for exercise.

Reduces tension

Increased flexibility of the body. Vibration floor reaches deep muscles parts. The warmth of the solarium prevents ridge pains.

Recuperation after injuries

Accelerates recovery. Shortens the time of rehabilitation. Increases the density of the bone structure. Stimulates hoof growth.

Helps in the treatment of „colic”

Vibrations reach the internal organs, stimulating normal intestines function. They work as spasmodic and analgesic.

D3 Vitamin

White lamps stimulates production of D3 vitamin, which is vital for proper functioning of the body.

Relieves and relaxes

Vibrations of the floor and the heat of the solarium stimulate the production of the happiness hormone, relaxes and reduces the level of stress.

Discover spa and wellness products from bm horse


A 15 minute session on the vibe allows you to relax, warm up the muscles and stimulate circulation. It is also an ideal way to prepare a horse for training, minimizing the possibility of injury. It reaches 97% of the body muscles. The work was confirmed by thermographic studies.

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Mounted white lamps perfectly complement the deficiency of vitamin D3. Use of the solarium stimulates metabolism, accelerates metabolism and reduces muscle tension. Thanks to red lamps, the horse dries faster after bathing and training. He feels relieved and relaxed. The recommended one-time use of the solarium is 15 minutes. The effects confirmed by thermovision tests are still felt after 30 minutes.

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Is a great way of training suited to the individual needs of the horse. Reliable in improving physical fitness and the development of musculature. The device is also dedicated for horses implemented for training after injuries. As the only device available on the market, it gives the possibility of strict control of motion and load.

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BM Horse products have been widely recognized in the European market for a long time. They successfully compete with the best equipment manufacturers in terms of quality and functionality, however they can often be purchased at much cheaper prices.

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What do those who have tried the wellness and spa products say?

BM Horse vibrating floor in the conducted tests confirmed the healing effect. The use of a vibrating floor for 20 minutes increases circulation in the lower parts of the thoracic and pelvic limbs, regenerating the tendons and ligaments often overloaded during sports training. The BM Horse solarium based on the conducted thermographic tests confirmed the effective warming of the ridge immediately after use. This confirms that the body surface temperature is maintained by 3-4 ºC, even up to 30 minutes after use. This indicates the healing effect of the solarium on the body. Operation confirmed on the basis of performed thermographic tests. I certainly recommend.

I use BM Horse equipment every day. I am especially pleased with the vibration floor, I noticed a very positive effect on horses, which are subjected to treatments on the floor. I recommend it to everyone.

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